Nationwide Tree Care: cold calling in the Parish

The Parish Council has been made aware of a male caller from ‘Nationwide Tree Care’, based in Boreham/Chelmsford, cold calling in Felsted.

He is giving out leaflets, nationwide tree care and reportedly pressure selling, for work on trees and large garden shrubs.  He is driving a white panel van (we understand it has no company branding) with ladders on the roof.

The leaflet claims that the company is a member of the ‘Rated People’ organisation. Whilst, under the auspices of ‘Data Protection’, the ‘Rated People’ customer support team will not advise whether or not this is true, there is every suggestion that they are not members. A simple Google search on the company and address given on the leaflet also does not validate the company and the 0800 number quoted is unobtainable.

The leaflet also includes the government ‘Environment Agency’ logo as a suggestion of endorsement. We are again trying to validate this, but believe it unlikely that this would be authorised, as the logo is specifically restricted from use under their terms and conditions.

We have passed on details of this matter to the local police, and, on their advice and with their support, are making this news announcement.

We would advise caution before engaging anyone for tree or garden work (or in fact any service) without careful checking of their credentials.

We would of course welcome contact from the company if this understanding is incorrect. Noting that there are companies with the same name in other parts of the country with no suggested association.