Welcome to Felsted

Located in north-west Essex and with a population of around 3,000, the Parish of Felsted has at its heart the historic village of Felsted, surrounded by Greens and Hamlets, in a beautiful rural setting. You can see pictures taken around the parish here.

Felsted retains the underlying charm and attraction of a rural parish, with the community and village at its heart. This is what attracts people to the area and what we as the Parish Council see as our historic duty to protect. Preservation of our heritage is balanced with a duty to ensure that the Parish thrives and meets the future needs of our community.

  • Winner of RCCE Village of the Year 2015
  • “One of the best places to live in the East of England” – The Sunday Times (2013)


We have been contacted by County Broadband regarding their proposal to build a fibre broadband service for Willows Green and some surrounding areas.

More information and pre-ordering the service

You can find out more information and/or pre-order on the County Broadband Fibre website at www.countybroadbandfibre.co.uk or call the County Broadband customer services team in Aldham, on 01376 562002.


It must be noted that this is a commercial offer in competition with current providers of telephone and broadband services. 

Felsted Parish Council is not  affiliated with County Broadband, nor should any approval or endorsement of their proposal be assumed from this news item. Residents should consider their own circumstances and make their own decisions regarding the appropriateness of this offer.

We are saddened to have to report that this week Uttlesford District Council Planning Committee approved the application for the expansion of Stansted airport.

In addition, the CAA recently approved as permanent, with no mitigation measures required, the flightpath changes which have seen a doubling of flights over our Parish.

47 Parish Councils objected to the expansion plan.  Cllr Andy Bennett, on behalf of Felsted Parish Council, alongside other Parish Councils and District Councillors, also spoke at the 7.5 hour planning meeting to further object.

The final vote was split 50/50. The Chair of the Committee, Felsted and Stebbing District Councillor Alan Mills,  made the casting vote to approve the application.

The final reasons for passing the application focused on it being a courageous decision for the next generation. We find this a bizarre argument, given that the hottest topic for the next generation is one of polluting our planet and the damage we are doing to our children in their earliest years through poor air quality.

The application to increase passenger numbers within the existing flight cap will by definition also ensure the use of larger, noisier aircraft than previously.

Normally a decision notice would now be issued by Uttlesford District Council, but in this case the Secretary of State has required it to be reviewed by his Department prior to issuing approval.

We thank those residents who have contributed individually through writing and speaking at the public planning events.

We will continue to oppose these plans.


As a part of the Armistice Day commemoration, alongside local services, our new Parish beacon was lit in the evening as a part of a national marking of the event.

Many of you will also have seen the Spitfire flypast over the Parish.

For those who did not see it, here are pictures of the truly spectacular event and a most appropriate way of remembering.