The Planning process

If you are intending to submit a planning application, or you want to make comments about an application for consideration in the decision making process, then you must do so via the Uttlesford District Council (UDC) planning site, here.

If you know the reference number of an application you can search for it directly. Alternatively you can search for planning applications in your post code here.

You can also register with UDC to receive alerts to Planning Applications in your postcode, here. After entering a postcode a localised map appears. You can then click underneath on the “Show results in larger map” and then “enable filter” to get a view of anything in your immediate area.

What role does the Parish Council have?

Felsted Parish Council is invited by UDC to offer opinion and views on planning applications. We do not make the decision to accept or refuse applications. We are consultees, in the same way as residents of the Parish are.

Planning applications affecting the Parish, and our parishoners, can be anything from a small extension to a property, to pruning a tree in the conservation zone, to a major housing development.

The processing of these applications, and the decision to accept or refuse them, is made by UDC, either at officer or Committee level.

Although some applications require UDC to alert neighbours to the application, through letters and public notices, this is not so in all instances. It is also important to understand that, even if neighbours are alerted to an application, you will NOT receive further updates regarding decision dates or changes to the decision making process or schedule should, for example, the decision be referred to the full UDC Planning Committee.

The process by which an application works its way through the UDC planning process can be complicated and can take many routes, with applications being amended, withdrawn and resubmitted.

Felsted Parish Council Planning Committee

The committee meets once a month on the 13th day after the main Council meeting, which is usually the third Tuesday, but can be the second Tuesday. You can check the date of future meetings on the web calendar here.  We review new applications and agree on the submission of comments.

Forthcoming agendas for the Felsted Parish Council Planning Committee can be read here.  You can use the agenda to access planning details by clicking on the highlighted blue “link” to go directly to the specific planning application.

You are welcome to attend this meeting and to speak in the public section at the start of the meeting.

The subsequent minutes for the Felsted Parish Council Planning Committee can be read here.

The appeal process

If an application is approved then there is no process for those opposing the application to appeal, other than through the legal courts which is an expensive process. However, if an application is refused then there are a number of potential appeal processes for applicants, beginning with an appeal to UDC.

There is no duty for UDC to make residents aware of appeals. The appeal is logged on line against the original application process and documentation.  The Parish Council is made aware and will usually submit further comment to the process. These appeals will be recorded on the agendas and minutes of the Parish Council Planning Committee.

If an appeal is rejected by Uttlesford District Council it can be taken further, to the Planning Inspectorate. Appeals are logged on their website and you can make your views known there. Again there is no duty to make residents aware of any appeals logged, so it is up to individual residents to maintain a watching brief, particularly against larger development proposals, which are more likely to be taken forward through the appeals process.

It is therefore important to remain aware of a refused application affecting you, since it may go to appeal through a number of routes.

If you wish to remain updated regarding the status of a specific application that affects you then you should keep watching the ‘summary’ and ‘important dates’ tabs on the application page. You can also talk to UDC planning officers on 01799 510510, or email at