Local Plan consultations with proposals for 10,000 houses adjoining Felsted – have your say!

Uttlesford District Council is required to produce a Local Plan, which identifies areas for future housing development.

This process should not be confused with the Felsted Neighbourhood Plan, which is defining a vision for all aspects of Parish life, and which will provide vital input into the Uttlesford Local Plan on behalf of the Parish.

The Issues and Options Consultation for the Uttlesford Local Plan has now started, link here. In the document, ‘Area of Search 9’ has the potential for a significant impact on our Parish.

Braintree District Council is also producing a Local Plan. They have released more detailed information about the area encompassing ‘Area 9’. Zoom in on the map here, as illustrated below, and you will see that the development extends across the Felsted Parish boundary, as part of a major proposal being submitted in Braintree for 10,000 houses.

BDC plan

Should this area be adopted by the Uttlesford and Braintree Plans,  it will result in a New Town development of 10,000 houses, attached at its boundary to Gransmore Green, with a clear impact on the independence and character of the Parish.

Felsted Parish Council has joined forces with neighbouring Parishes, to ensure that we adopt a coordinated approach to preventing this development.

It is also important that individuals have their say to ensure that all voices are heard alongside the input provided by your Parish Council.

There will be an opportunity to put questions about the Local Plan process and consultation to district councillors and council officers at three public meetings. The most local to Felsted is at 7pm, Thursday 12 November, at Helena Romanes School.

The consultation closes at 4:30pm on Friday 4 December. You don’t have to answer all questions, so please don’t leave it for everyone else to say what you are thinking.