Please scoop up your dog’s poop

We have recently seen an increase in the amount of dog poo on pavements around the parish and left on the allotments. As is usually the case, this is caused by a minority of owners, not the responsible majority.

This is a health hazard, both to pedestrians and to those doing their best to grow their own vegetables on the allotments.

Please do keep your dogs on a lead whilst on the allotments and make use of the 12 dog bins around the village when walking your dog. Please use them for your dog’s poo, encourage others to do similar, and help keep our Parish healthy and clean.

parish litter pickOn a similar litter subject. Your Parish council has arranged a number of ‘litter picks’ to help clear up the litter discarded in our Parish, usually by lazy drivers preferring to litter our lanes rather than take their rubbish home. If everyone walking their dog, or just enjoying the fresh air on a stroll around our Parish, picked up one piece of litter, then we would have a cleaner tidier Parish.

We can all do our bit to help preserve the beauty of Felsted.