Increased noise disturbance from Stansted airport flights

Your Parish Council has continued to receive complaints about noise and disturbance from increased flights out of Stansted.

This is due to the change in flight path usage, introduced in February 2016.  Stansted moved flights, which previously took off to the west and south of the Parish, to directly over the Parish of Felsted.   This has already more than doubled the planes passing directly over us.

You can read the original news item here.

We have now also written to the CAA here, and their response can be read here.  Following on from this we have now written to the Secretary of State for Transport here, with a covering letter to our MP, Sir Alan Haselhurst asking him to take up the objection for us, here.

We are also lobbying the District Council and Stansted Airport Consultative Committee (STACC). We are also working with Stop Stansted Expansion group and other affected Parish Councils in the area, who are taking similar action.

Our goal is to have the change reversed at, or before, the official change review.

As proved vital in the successful defeat of the Catesby planning application, we need continued involvement from the community. Every single complaint counts and helps our cause. 

As a result of Stansted airport switching off its freephone complaints line, it is now an online process to complain,  but it is simple.

It takes just a couple of minutes to complete the form. This can be used to complain about specific noisy planes (where you need to give the date and time of the disturbance), or about the broader noise problem. Please do both.

Using the form via the Stop Stansted Expansion group’s website allows your complaint to be noted and used in their arguments, whilst also being forwarded to the Stansted Airport noise complaint  team.

For more information, please contact Cllr Andy Bennett.