The great compost giveaway

If you want to give your garden a head start this summer, why not visit the ‘Compost Giveaway’ in Great Dunmow where you can fill your boot with ready-to-take-away compost.

The event has been organised by Essex County Council, in partnership with Uttlesford District Council and Great Dunmow Town Council.

The compost will be available at Braintree Road car park on Thursday, 30 June on a first come, first served basis to local residents from 11am to 4pm, or until supplies run out.

Just remember to bring your own bags or containers, gloves and shovels as you will be able to help yourself to a car boot load (based on a medium-sized car boot).

Please be advised you should arrive early to avoid disappointment as the compost has been in very high demand at similar events in previous years.

The free, nutrient-rich compost is created from garden waste collected at the kerbside and at recycling centres across Essex.

There are many benefits to using this, or homemade compost, as a soil improver:

  • It is a brilliant alternative to peat which is, controversially, harvested to produce shop-bought compost
  • It’s great for your garden as it improves soil structure, drainage and nutrient content
  • It can be used as a lawn dressing, mulch and potting mix

For more information about the benefits of composting, visit, or to find out how to get a reduced-priced compost bin, visit