28th March: Felsted Focus Magazine Collection Points

The first issue of Felsted Focus is now available at a number of collection points around the village for you to pick up, if and when it is safe for you to do so within the government guidelines for movement outside of your homes.

  1. Outside village shop
  2. Opposite the Primary School (next to bus pull in)
  3. On the Braintree Road at Gransmore Green (next to the bus stop)
  4. On the Rayne Road at the junction with Bernstie Road (in Bannister Green)
  5. Outside the Memorial Hall (they have a notice board on the wall outside).
  6. In the former red telephone “book box” in Garnets Lane.
  7. By the temp. notice board in Chelmsford Road adjacent to the old telephone exchange
  8. On the grassy triangle at the end of Mill Road
  9. By the Felsted school main gates in Stebbing Road
  10. Outside the Crix Green Mission
  11. Hollow Road J/w Mole Hill Green
  12. Abbeyfields delivered (20 copies)
  13. Willows Green Main Road JW Evelyn Road