27th March: Coronavirus ‘fine’ scam

Please be aware that the scammers are now focussing on Coronavirus.

There are a number of scams claiming to offer free data packs or routes to treatment. These will download a virus to your PC or phone. BEWARE, the common sense rules apply. Don’t click on links or download PDFs etc unless you are 100% sure of the content. Remember, scammers can clone your mother’s email and send you a message with a virus.

Fraudsters are even knocking on doors offering ‘free temperature checks’ to gain entry to your house

The latest of these scams is an email or text, claiming to be from the government, saying that you have been seen outside, against the Coronavirus rules, and must pay a fine. The message provides a link for you to pay the fine.


First of all, ‘the government’ will never contact you like this. How could they know your email or phone number from having ‘seen you outside’?

If you click on the link and pay, at best you will lose £35, at worst some require bank details and they will empty your account.

If you are fined for breaking Coronavirus restrictions on movement then you will know about it because a Police Officer will directly charge you, face to face. There will be no emails or text messages.

These scammers are the lowest of the low. Don’t fall for the scam and don’t let your neighbours fall for it.