Vandalism of Car Park Gate – Jolly Boys Lane North

Update: we are pleased to confirm that the gate has now been temporarily fixed to allow access to the car park.


We received news on Christmas Day that the gate to the car park at the top of Jolly Boys Lane North had been vandalised.

Barney, our village attendant, visited the site on Christmas Day morning to make the gate safe. It had been smashed open resulting in considerable damage. It was no longer possible to fix the gate either open or closed in the usual way. Barney has therefore tied it closed in order to secure it safely.

The result is that the car park cannot currently be accessed. Fencing companies are closed until the New Year so nothing further can be done until then. We apologise for the inevitable inconvenience caused as a result of the actions of thoughtless idiots.

The incident has been reported to police. If anyone knows anything about who caused the damage please do speak to the Police or the Parish Clerk.