Uttlesford Local Plan

The Uttlesford Local Plan has now reached the final consultation stage before it is reviewed by the Government Inspector.

The full plan can be read here.

You can submit your comments here. The consultation closes at 5pm on 13 August 2018.

The points which Felsted Parish Council believe are important are:


West of Braintree development

The proposal for a 13,000 house new town, straddling Uttlesford and Braintree districts, has been found unsound by the Government Inspector in his review of the Braintree District Local Plan (as part of the North Essex Garden Partnership). See our earlier new item here.

Despite this, Uttlesford (UDC) has decided to keep the smaller part of the proposed development in its plan. This would result in up to 3,500 houses being built in Uttlesford, to the north of Felsted, approximately 1000 of which would be in the current plan period.

Felsted Parish Council remains against this development and believes that it is unsustainable. 

House building in Felsted Parish

Felsted is identified as a type A village and is expected to accept  a share of the 14,000 planned houses for the coming 15 years. There are 2 sites identified by Uttlesford in our Parish for development in the plan period, totalling up to 70 houses. Full details can be read in the regulation 19 document on page 203 onwards.

Land north of Station Road for 40 houses.

Land east of Braintree Road for 30 houses.

It should be noted that the Felsted Neighbourhood Plan, which will conditionally support some housing in Felsted during the 15 year Plan period, where community benefit can be realised, is in the final stages of completion prior to public consultation in the coming weeks.  This will be delivered to every house in summary form, and be available to view in detail online and at a number of locations, before the closing date of the Local Plan consultation. This will enable parishoners to view and consider the 2 plans alongside each other.

Stansted airport

Following our concerns that UDC’s position regarding Stansted airport was lacking in support for the communities impacted by the airport, your Parish Council has worked with our District Councillors to ensure that the Plan wording was more appropriate.

The Plan wording was rewritten and Felsted Parish Council now supports UDC in the Plan statements, taking a firm position in relation to representing the concerns of communities overflown by planes, and in taking a clear position against any increase in night flights.