Uttlesford Building Design Code

Following on from the earlier workshops held by Uttlesford District Council, they will be hosting more Design Code workshops this year that anyone can attend and contribute to:

Details will be posted on the website at https://uttlesforddesigncode.co.uk/ and emailed to anyone who has registered for updates.

Please note, the online workshop will now be open to the wider public, rather than only Community Stakeholder Forum members, to widen the engagement.


If you haven’t yet shared your views, you can still do so on our Uttlesford Design Code website: https://uttlesforddesigncode.co.uk/

We still have two surveys running that residents can take part in:

Survey 1 – Help us understand what’s unique about Uttlesford: https://uttlesforddesigncode.co.uk/index.php?contentid=73

Survey 2 – Leave your feedback on the emerging vision for Uttlesford and the aspects of a new place that you think are most important for the code to consider: https://uttlesforddesigncode.co.uk/index.php?contentid=83

Good quality existing places
At the meeting on the 22nd October, examples of good quality existing places were requested.
The first port of call for this would be the Uttlesford Building for a Healthy Life document, which contains some good design in Uttlesford and can be found here:
Further to this, here are some other schemes which have some good design features:

Oakfield, Swindon 4:30mins