Sunnybrook Farm development to deliver key Neighbourhood Plan proposals

Felsted Parish Council is very pleased to confirm that the development of the site at Sunnybrook Farm has been approved by Uttlesford Planning.

The full application can be read here.

During production of the Felsted Neighbourhood Plan key issues were raised by residents, including congestion on the roads around the primary school during drop off and pick up times and, from a housing perspective, the lack of smaller affordable homes.

This specific issue has been highlighted by the recent “Uttlesford Housing Market Report” published just two months ago, which identifies the Felsted and Stebbing Wards as having the most expensive 2 bedroomed houses in the whole of Uttlesford.

The proposal to develop part of the Sunnybrook Farm site delivers against these key areas:

  • A car park for the school to reduce the need to stop on the roadside to drop off and pick up children. This will improve both traffic flow and be much safer for the children.
  • 24 new houses, 16 of which are 2 bedroom, including 4 bungalows.

If you would like to read the full Felsted Neighbourhood Plan it can be found here.