Stebbing High Street – road closure to buses and alternative arrangements

The following has been received from Essex CC Transport:

Stebbing High Street will be closed from 6th January 2020 to buses for approx. 6 months, or until the works are completed, due to restructuring of the culvert.

We have been putting in place alternative arrangements whilst the bridge within Stebbing is closed to ensure that passengers are still able to access services.

Passengers travelling from Stebbing who wish to use the service 16, will need to make use of the shuttle services. Shuttles will operate on both sides of the village and take passengers to either Great Bardfield or Blake End to continue their journeys and connect with the service 16. Passengers wishing to return to Stebbing will need to ensure that they alight from the bus at either Great Bardfield or Blake End where a shuttle vehicle will be waiting for you to take you to your return destination.

Further details regarding the times of the shuttle can be found on Stephensons website –

The shuttle service will be run by Arrow Taxis who can be contacted on 01621 855111 should there be any problems with the shuttle.

We have also managed to arrange a school shuttle service for those families within the village who have been adversely affected by this closure. The school will be communicating the exact details and timings of this shuttle to the families affected and we ask that, if families are unsure if this affects them, for them to contact the school directly.