Parking enforcement in Felsted

We are acutely aware of the problems caused by the parking of cars in inappropriate places in our Parish.

At best they cause an inconvenience and a problem to the smooth flow of traffic through the village and at worst they block pavements for those using mobility aids, forcing them into roads, and they prevent emergency vehicles getting to their destination.

Whilst we work with problem areas to try to find a resolution, we also employ North Essex Parking Partnership to enforce parking regulations and so release congestion and improve traffic flow through the village.  We are grateful to Felsted School, who part fund the service.

This service works across the parish on a rolling time basis, so there is no ‘safe time’ to stop in a parking restricted area.

Whilst the ideal situation is of course that no tickets are given, because there are no cars found parked against road traffic legislation, until that time we will work with residents and NEPP to help improve the traffic flow and safety of our roads.