Information on restarting waste collections

Trade waste collections will restart on Tuesday 30 January.

Domestic collections will restart on Wednesday 31 January.

Uttlesford District Council will be collecting last week’s non-recycling/general waste bins and food waste caddies.

The crews will be able to take some side waste which must be in black bags, up to four per household.

They will aim to get to you on your usual collection day.  However, they may not initially be running as many lorries as they would normally, so if they do not manage to get to you on your usual collection day, please leave your bins out and they will be collected.

Collections will be made either in their own vehicles or those supplied by other organisations on their behalf, including other councils.

Please note, as they are prioritising the non-recycling collections this week, recycling collections will restart in the week commencing 12 February as per the normal schedule.

They will update regarding garden waste collections in the next few days.

Uttlesford District Council thanks residents for their patience and are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.