Helping our neighbours

With the rapidly developing Coronavirus situation, never has it need more important to for us all to keep an eye on the elderly and vulnerable in our society.

Whilst there are national helplines and support structures, the Parish Council want to share some more local routes to getting help.

For those with Internet access, ‘NextDoor Felsted’ is an excellent source of help and support. The number of people spontaneously sharing information and offering their time to shop for those unable to leave home is amazing. If you have internet access we highly recommend you join.

However, there are many in our community who do not have access to the Internet, and we would encourage everyone to check on neighbours to see if help is needed, or just if a chat over the phone would help lift the spirits of someone self-isolating.

In addition, we have set up a dedicated Felsted helpline, 07936 070732. This number will be manned by Councillors, in rotation. The goal is to offer a non-internet facility to link those able to offer to help (with shopping, prescriptions, posting letters etc) with those who need it.

Please, therefore, if you are able to offer your time and help beyond your immediate neighbours, please call to let us know, and, if you need help, please call to ask and we will try to put you in touch with someone local who can help.

This information is being placed on Parish Council noticeboards to help reach those without internet access.