Help Plan Felsted’s Future

We know that sometimes it seems like Felsted has become one big building site. The truth is that much of the development around us is outside the parish boundary or had already received approval before our Neighbourhood Plan was formally “Made” and we have been tremendously successful in preventing unwanted development within the parish of Felsted by having our neighbourhood plan.

In February 2020, following five years of hard work by the Steering Group, Felsted had its Neighbourhood Plan approved by Uttlesford District Council. In addition to preventing the proliferation of unwanted development the plan secured a new Community Health Centre (to be owned by the Felsted Community Trust), currently being developed by Mulberry Homes in Station Road. And coming soon, a badly needed safe and secure car park for our primary school!

After three years the advice is that we should refresh our plan to strengthen and secure further protection for our parish. Neighbourhood Plans that are older than 2 years old carry reduced weight during planning considerations especially where the Local Planning Authority do not have an “up to date” Local Plan or the required 5 Year Housing Land Supply which is the case for Uttlesford District Council.

We are seeking interested residents of Felsted to join the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. No planning or other professional qualifications are required. We just want Felsted folk who can give a little time to help us refresh the plan.

If you would be interested in joining the Felsted Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Phone: 07719 552174