Felsted Speed Watch

The Felsted Speedwatch Group is now active and has carried out weekly monitoring sessions (since the end of April) at various locations around the village, including Station Road, Chelmsford Road and Watch House Green.

Most drivers adhere to the speed limits, but an average of 4-7 drivers per session have been reported to Essex Police for driving too fast. Each will receive a letter from the Police advising them to slow down in future.

The purpose of Speedwatch is to deter drivers from exceeding the existing speed limits, which have been put on roads in the village for safety reasons.

Please help us to make the roads safer by driving within the speed limits at all times. Public support for the Group is considerable and 3 more residents have recently come forward to join the Group. However, more volunteers are always welcome as this will mean that we can undertake more sessions in more locations.

There are a total of 6 sites around the village which have been approved by the Police for traffic speed monitoring so you should expect to see us somewhere near you ….very soon.