Felsted Neighbourhood Plan passed for referendum

Dear Neighbours,

We are delighted to inform you that, on Tuesday 26th November at Foakes Hall, our Felsted Neighbourhood Plan was passed unanimously by Uttlesford District Council, is now ‘published’ and ready for you to vote on in a referendum.

Details can be read here, on the Uttlesford District Council website.

In practice this means that the Plan can now proceed to the final Referendum Stage.  If successful at referendum, the Plan become part of the development plan for the Parish alongside the UDC Local Plan.  Local planning authorities and planning inspectors considering appeals must make their decisions in accordance with the policies of the development plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

The full details of the referendum will be published in due course by the Democratic Services Unit of Uttlesford District Council, but we expect it to be held on the 30th January 2020. 

UDC will publish full details in due course, when they’ve finished with the General Election but here’s what we know now.

Voting in person

We expect that you will be able to vote in person in the parish at the Memorial Hall in the usual way.

Postal Votes

Postal votes are usually sent 2-3 weeks before the Poll;

Voters registered for both General and Local elections will automatically get a postal vote in the Referendum; and

Voters registered for General elections only, will not automatically get a postal vote in the Referendum.

If you want to vote by post, please check with UDC that your registration also covers Local Elections.

If you haven’t yet considered what the NP delivers, please try to do so between now and the end of January.  The Steering Group and the Parish Council believe that the plan delivers significant benefits and protections for the parish as a whole and we urge everyone in the parish to vote in the referendum.

The Steering Group and Felsted Parish Council