Chelmsford Local Plan consultation

Alongside responses your Parish Council has made to the Local Plan processes in Uttlesford and Braintree, we are also responding to the consultation phase for the Chelmsford Local Plan.

We are particularly concerned with 2 aspects of the consultation, being:

  • The lack of a strategic review of Green Belt policy, which results in development sites being pushed towards the North and East of the Chelmsford region, notably from our perspective, towards Great Leighs.
  • The consideration of the Great Leighs racecourse, offered by the owners¬†under the ‘call for sites’ process, for housing development of up to 2000 houses. We feel this will have a particularly bad impact on Willows Green should it be adopted.

You can see the consultation site here. The deadline for submissions is 21st January. You can still have your say and you do not need to respond to all questions, just those against which you have an opinion you would like heard.

Don’t leave it for others to have your say, they may not agree with you…