Bus services in Felsted

The following is a news update regarding our bus services, as written by Bryan Grimshaw.


For a rural area we are quite fortunate to have two regular bus services.

The 133 (Arriva) between Stansted airport and Braintree is part-funded by Stansted airport. It runs approximately hourly and the new timetable restores our 9.35am service towards Stansted, plus a later bus leaving Braintree at 11.15pm. The fact that the majority of services now start and finish at Braintree should make timekeeping even better.

The 16 (Stephensons) from Wethersfield to Chelmsford runs four times a day in both directions, but this service is very much under threat.

It is fully funded by Essex County Council and the subsidy is currently above their limit of £5 per passenger journey, which means that it could be withdrawn at any time. So please use this bus, whether you are paying the fare or using a concessionary pass; the journey to Chelmsford would be much less convenient without it. Remember that it also calls at Broomfield hospital.

There is good news for users of the old 314 service to Braintree. This route is now being covered by the DRT2 service of Arrow Taxis. DRT stands for Demand Responsive Transport, and this means that you must “book” the bus in advance. If you wish to travel from Bannister Green, Cock Green, Willows Green or Bartholomew Green, leaving around 10am and returning at 1pm on Wednesday or Saturday, you should call 01621 874411 (if it’s the first time, ask for Andy Ambrose).

The bus is free to concessionary pass holders but of course fare-paying passengers are also welcome.

You are welcome to telephone Bryan Grimshaw on 01371 820730 to help with arranging DRT (it’s easy after your first booking!) or for any other information on our bus services.

Please use our buses.