3rd April: Felsted Support Group

As we approach the end of the second week of the lockdown, we just want to update you briefly on the success of the Felsted Support Group, established specifically to help with the corona virus crisis.

From our first call for volunteers we have been delighted but not surprised by the response. Over thirty local people have come forward and offered to help the elderly and those in self isolation with their shopping and collecting prescriptions.  Small but important acts of kindness.

We also don’t underestimate the importance of  those who are quietly doing their bit to help their friends and neighbours. We salute you all.

We have volunteers who have offered their entire family as helpers and others who are qualified counsellors willing to just have a chat with anyone who needs a friendly voice through these difficult times.  Several members of Felsted School teaching staff, including the Head, are volunteering and the school has provided access to its mini buses with a driver, also a Felsted resident.  So we can offer local transport and maintain social-distancing.

It’s early days and things will get tougher but we are confident that our community spirit is way stronger than the disease.

If you need help or you know of a neighbour who may need help, please call us on 07936 070732.

The Felsted Support Group helpline is operated by Felsted Parish Council for the people of Felsted.