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Parish Plan: Action Update 1

In 2014 The Felsted Parish plan was produced. The decision to create a Parish Plan was born out of a concern from both residents and the Parish Council that the village didn’t have a collective ‘voice’ to be considered in the face of proposed development. As the process began, however, it became apparent that a Parish Plan would also give Felsted residents the opportunity to shape improvements to facilities and services in the village over the next decade.

Included in the plan is a comprehensive Action Plan. This has been, and remains,  a valuable reference document for your Parish Council, helping prioritise our activities.

We therefore though it useful to provide regular updates on the specific action items. There is no specific order to these updates, they are simply intended to give you regular snippets of information to help everyone understand what your Parish Council is doing in relation to the plan.

Update 1: Encourage Community Involvement and Publicise Community Events  

This is perhaps an obvious aim to start with, since you are making use of the first action point, a new website.  This site has been designed to work across mobile devices, with more comprehensive information, and is being updated on a more regular basis than the previous site. Named Councillors are responsible for its management and upkeep, with a formal maintenance contract to ensure it remains up to date.

Don’t forget that if you have a business in the Parish or are running regular meetings or events then they can all be included on the site. With up to 100 visitors a day to this site, you could have free access to a huge local audience.

noticeboadThe second action point on this aim was to improve the Parish notice boards. You may have seen the 2 replacement notice boards in the Parish, but may not know that a further location has been identified for a new board in Gransmore Green.

And the last update for the moment under this aim is a reminder from last year that your Parish Council had a ‘Surgery’ at the Felsted 450 event, giving everyone the opportunity to talk to councillors about their concerns and priorities.