Suspicious activity in Felsted Parish

The attached photo shows two men who have recently been spotted acting suspiciously around Felsted village and near Felsted School, Felsted Primary School and the Scallywags area. The Parish Council has made the Police aware.
They are noticeable as they have been seen carrying a yellow Sainsburys’ bag and taking particular interest in buildings and properties, possibly even marking fences and roads.
They may also be the two individuals who have been seen locally wearing balaclavas.
We will happily clarify this message and remove it if the persons would like to come forward and make themselves know, but, in the meantime , if the men are seen, we would suggest that details are noted of the time, the date, their description and appearance, direction of travel etc and that all details are passed across to the police as a precaution.
Aside of this report, it is always worth checking the security of any of your outlying sheds or buildings and where possible, ensuring items are not left unsecured in gardens etc.