Parish Plan: Action Update 2

This update is part of the process to keep everyone informed regarding actions from The Felsted Parish plan.

One of the ‘Aims’ under ‘Housing and Development’ was to improve the appearance of Felsted Parish by installing and maintaining more flower tubs.

tubs 1 tubs 3

This spring we have added to the flower tubs in the Parish, with more installed at Bannister Green and Oxney Villas. Whilst these pictures don’t yet do justice to the colourful display that will follow through the summer, they do provide a taster of things to come.

David Dempsey heads up a team of 12 volunteers watering plants every evening in Felsted with a further 8 who replant the tubs and troughs in June and October.

The Parish council also planted 3000 daffodil bulbs under various hamlet and village signs in the autumn which made a beautiful show this spring.

This helps brighten our Parish and makes Felsted a really nice place to live, so please say thank you to the volunteers if you seem them at work.