Neighbourhood Watch Scheme for Felsted

Some years ago Felsted had an active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, which has dwindled over time.

 Most of you will be aware that there has been a recent increase in the number of thefts in this area, especially from sheds and outbuildings and of outdoor Christmas decorations.

The Parish Council want to try to reverse this trend by re-establishing an active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme throughout the entire village, including all the Greens and hamlets.

We are therefore looking for up to 25 volunteers to each cover their immediate area and we are also looking for a volunteer to act as the Felsted Village Co-ordinator. This is not something that is likely to involve lots of meetings or take up too much time but we need to spread the word to all residents to be vigilant and keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour/ vehicles and let people know how they can report any such suspicions.

If you think that you could help please contact the Clerk, Diane Smith on 01371 823071 or at