NATS Consultation & Stansted Plans to Re-route More Flights Over Felsted

A consultation document has been issued seeking comment on a proposal to redirect flights currently routed South from Stansted, onto easterly routes. This will move all of these outgoing flights onto routes which will fly over, or along the edge of, the Parish.

The council are extremely concerned about the resulting noise and air pollution and believe that key aspects of the resulting impact have been ignored, including those on the schools in our Parish and the added impact of increased noise and air pollution over largely rural areas.

The benefits claimed for the changes are also proving to be questionable. The consultation highlights savings on CO2 as their main benefit, but analysis by the council, backed by calculations from the ‘Stop Stansted Expansion’ campaign shows that the saving is actually less than 1%.

Felsted Parish Council are planning to object in the strongest terms and will share that response here. In the meantime we would encourage everyone to review the proposal and make your own submissions, the more people who make their voices heard the more the consultation process will listen.

View the online response form or search ‘NATS Stansted consultation’

Please note that the consultation closes on 8th September, so there is limited time to respond.

View The Parish Council’s Response