Affordable Housing in Felsted

Having identified a need for Affordable Housing within the village the Parish Council have been pressing for such housing provision in Felsted for several years.

Recently Taylor Wimpey obtained planning permission for a development of 25 houses at Watch House Green, 10 of which are to be designated for Affordable Housing. The units include 1 bungalow and houses with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. All 10 will be for rental and will be run in perpetuity by a Housing Association.

As part of the planning permission the 10 properties will be allocated on an “exception basis” which means that preference will be given to people who either currently live in Felsted or have close connections with the village (i.e. work in Felsted or have close relatives living in Felsted).

In order to qualify for one of these properties you must be on the Uttlesford District Council Housing Register:

We do not know exactly when work will commence on the site and therefore when the properties will be available but it is vital that you register now to be considered for the future. If there are not enough applicants with connections to Felsted the houses will be allocated to people from neighbouring villages. “