New Automatic External Defribrillators installed

The Parish Council has installed 2 new Automatic external defibrillators in the Parish.

They are located outside the surgery and the primary School.

There is also a defribrillator in the village shop, which is available during normal opening hours.

The new defribrillators are on the outside of the buildings and so are available for use 24 hours a day.

If you suspect someone is suffering from a heart attack then always call 999 first. You can then give first aid through compressions to the beat of ‘Staying Alive’ by the Bee Gees.

Tell someone to go to the defribrillator, where they will call 999 and the operator will give the person the code to open the box.


The defribillators are designed for use by someone who has NOT received any training.

There are very simple instructions (given verbally, you don’t have to read instructions) to attach the pads to the patient and then the defribillator does its own test to decide whether or not to shock the patient. If a shock is not needed then the defribillator will not deliver it.

If you suspect someone has suffered a heart attack then, as the British Heart Foundation says, the worst thing you could do is nothing:

How to do Hands-only CPR

When somebody collapses in front of you, what do you do?

  1. Check the person over. If they are not responsive and not breathing, then their heart has stopped working and they are having a cardiac arrest.
  2. Now, call 999. Then you do Hands-only CPR.
  3. Lock your fingers together, knuckles up. Then push down, right between the nipples. Push down five or six centimetres. That’s about two inches. Push hard and fast about two times a second, like to the beat of Stayin’ Alive. Don’t worry about hurting someone. A cracked rib can be mended – just concentrate on saving a life.
  4. Keep this up until the ambulance arrives.
  5. If someone else is available, then get them to collect the closest defribillator. Switch it on and follow the verbal instructions.

So don’t forget. Check them over. Call 999. Push hard and fast to Stayin’ Alive. It works.

Hands-only CPR. It’s not as hard as it looks.


Uttlesford Draft Local Plan consultation

Further to our original news item below, published in July, this is just a reminder that the closing date for comment to the Uttlesford Local Plan is 4th September.


Original News item

Uttlesford District Council has now launched its consultation to seek feedback on the Draft Local Plan.

The Plan identifies a New Town of 10,000 houses to be built, with Braintree District Council, to the north of Felsted, alongside Stebbing. Remembering also the plans by Chelmsford Council to build 1,000 houses in Gt Leighs, with 750 of these adjoining Willows Green.

 It is vitally important that you have your say about this if we are to avoid Felsted being swamped with traffic and our services exhausted by the demands of new residents looking for doctors and school places, whilst waiting for the eventual building of services in any New Town.

The announcement from Uttlesford District Council, with the drop in sessions, is repeated below:

Councillors approved the draft plan for public consultation at a meeting of Full Council on 11 July.

The consultation seeks views on the proposed site allocations and the associated policies which will guide future development within the district up to 2033.

The quickest and easiest way to read the draft local plan and to provide feedback is via the website

The deadline for responses is 5pm on Monday 4 September.

Drop-in exhibitions

A number of drop-in exhibitions have been organised so that residents and businesses can find out more about the proposals within the Uttlesford Draft Local Plan.

These exhibitions will he held on:

  • Monday 17 July, 5-8.30pm – Chesterfords Community Centre, Newmarket Road, Great Chesterford CB10 1NU
  • Monday 24 July, 5-8.30pm – Stebbing Village Hall, Mill Lane, Stebbing CM6 3SL
  • Wednesday 26 July, 5-8.30pm – Memorial Hall, Manor Road, Little Easton CM6 2JR

These exhibitions are open to all, and have been tailored to specifically give more information about the individual proposed garden communities.

The purpose of the exhibitions is to provide members of the public with information about the proposals so that they can make informed comments on the draft plan during the consultation.

Anticipated Local Plan timetable

12 July – 4 September 2017

  • Public consultation on the draft local plan

Winter 2017/2018

  • Consideration of consultation feedback and revisions to the plan as appropriate
  • Putting together the final version of the Draft Local Plan including modifications

Winter 2017/2018

  • Public consultation on the final version of the Draft Local Plan

Spring 2018

  • Submission of Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate for consideration

Summer 2018

  • Start of hearing sessions for the public examination

Winter 2018/2019

  • Receipt of Planning Inspector’s Report

Spring 2019

  • Adoption of Local Plan by Full Council



Memories of Felsted

The Parish Council is going to pull together an archive of memories, to preserve them for posterity.

This archive will contain video, audio, written and photographic items from in and around the Parish.

Whilst there are of course some members of our community with known archives, we would like to gather together all those simple pictures and stories you may have hidden away.

If you have any old footage, pictures etc then please do not send them in, as we recognise that these items will likely have a lot of personal sentimental value and so want to keep them secure. What we would like you to do is to simply let the Clerk know what you have, so that we can build up a list and begin to work out how we should bring them together and copy them as appropriate.

Felsted Neighbourhood Plan update and survey

The Felsted Neighbourhood Plan (NP) group are continuing to develop a robust Neighbourhood Plan for our Parish. The amount work they have undertaken should not be underestimated and they deserve our thanks and appreciation for stepping up to lead this essential task.

Critical to the success of the process is community involvement. The Parish Council urges all residents to take a little time to learn and read about the Plan and to provide feedback to the Group.

On 7 and 8 July the NP Group held 2 well attended Consultation Events at Felsted Primary School. Many thanks to the 160+ residents who were able to attend and provide feedback on all the policies within the Plan draft document.

If you were unable to attend, it’s not too late to find out what is being proposed and give us your feedback by visiting the NP website at

You can view all the documents presented at the Consultations (including a Summary if time is limited!) and watch a video of Roy Ramm, Chairman, explaining the background to the idea of a Community Hub.

The NP is an important document which will influence how Felsted looks and the services that are available in the village for the next 20 years. Please take the time to visit the website and then complete the short online smart survey (which only takes a few minutes) to let the NP Group have your thoughts and feedback.

Thank you


Diane Smith

Felsted NP Group

Final day for consultations on Stansted expansion and New Town proposals

There are 2 important consultations closing today.

Stansted expansion plans

Read our full news item here.

It is important to have your say if you object to Stansted airport doubling the number of passengers it currently carries.

The process is simple, all you need do is follow the link from the above news item to the Uttlesford planning site and make your objection known.

We are trying to make sure that the impact on communities is recognised and that we are fully consulted in processes to minimise noise disruption, through careful management of flight paths. This level of engagement simply does not happen at present.

Braintree Local Plan

As we have reported on a number of occasions, the Braintree Local Plan includes a shared plan with Uttlesford District Council to build a new town of 10,000 houses to the north of Felsted.

The impact on roads through our Parish and on our services (school places, doctors, water supplies), will be immense.

The Parish council has made this submission, supporting the objections made by the combined Parishes in the area.

You can still have your say. The consultation portal is here. whilst the form itself is complicated you do not need to go into the full detail if you do not wish to. You can simply email to, use the heading ‘Local Plan Consultation’ and then provide your comment in the email text.

Parish Councillor vacancy

Following the resignation of Anna McNicoll the Council have a vacant seat on the Parish Council, which will be filled by co-option.

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor and wish to be considered for this vacancy please let the Clerk know by 14 August 2017.

Interviews will then be held and the Council will appoint the most suitable candidate.

If you wish to know more about the role and what it entails please feel free to contact the Clerk, or any Councillor, for more information.

Diane Smith

Clerk to Felsted Parish Council

Office: 01371 823071                                E mail:


Catesby appeal for 55 houses rejected

The appeal made by the developers against the rejection by Uttlesford District Council of their application to build 55 houses on Land south of Braintree Road, Felsted has been REJECTED.

The Parish Council has fought hard against this application and we are  delighted that the Planning Inspector has refused the appeal, and refused the application by the developers for costs.

You can read the full Appeal Decision and costs decision.

New Stansted plans to double passenger numbers.

Stansted airport has unveiled proposals to double the number of passengers it handles and to increase flights by over 100,000 a year.

The airport has released a press release which states, in reference to  the extra 100,000 flights, that “It should be noted that at this time no significant adverse environmental effects are predicted as a consequence of the proposed development”. This statement demonstrates the true lack of appreciation and understanding on the part of the airport for the levels of pollution, both noise and environmental, which would be generated.

Felsted parish Council has objected to the proposal. Whilst it may be inevitable that Stansted will continue to expand, we believe that they have shown disinterest in the problems they cause to communities and should resolve outstanding issues with nuisance from the flightpath changes introduced last year, before they are allowed to consider further expansion.

You can read our objection Letter to Uttlesford Planning here.

Anyone wishing to comment on the airport’s proposals can do so by sending their comments as an attachment by email to with the words CONSULTATION RESPONSE TO UTT/17/1640/SO in subject header or by using the online ‘Make a Comment’ facility on this link.  The deadline for responses in the end of July.

Stansted airport are also undertaking a series of public exhibitions, with a supporting questionnaire. SSE has raised the objection as to the bias of the survey, manipulating responses into looking only at positive aspects and not giving any time to a balanced evaluation of the downsides. Their news item and recommendation not to complete the survey, but to free write to is here.

Future Stansted exhibition event dates are:


Braintree, Wednesday 12th July 3pm – 8pm Braintree Town Hall, Fairfield Road, CM7 3YG

Takeley, Friday 14th July 4pm – 8pm Silver Jubilee Hall, Dunmow Road, CM22 6QJ

Thaxted, Saturday 15th July 12pm – 4pm Bolford Street Hall, Bolford Street, CM6 2PY

Saffron Walden, Monday 17th July 3pm – 8pm Town Hall, Market Square, CB10 1HR

Bishop’s Stortford, Wednesday 19th July 3pm – 8pm Methodist Church, 34B South Street, CM23 3AZ

Harlow, Monday 24th July 3pm – 7.30pm Harlow Leisurezone, Second Avenue, CM20 3DT

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Events

Save the Day – Friday 7th at 7pm

& Saturday 8th July at 10am

The Neighbourhood Plan group are holding a Public consultation event on Friday 7th repeated on Saturday 8 July to present a first DRAFT of potential Neighbourhood Plan Policies.

These first Draft Policies are based on the result of consultation and professional advice gathered over the last 2 years and ultimately the final policies will help shape the future of our Parish for the coming 20 years.

Congestion in village centre, the future of our amenities, our environment and how we meet housing demand are on the agenda. These are important issues and the consultation events are another chance for you to contribute and have your say about the future of our Parish.

Friday 7th July at 7pm

Saturday 8th July at 10 am

Held in the school hall at Felsted Primary School, Watch House Green.

Please note this is NOT a drop in session It will start with a 35 minute presentation explaining the current draft plan, so please arrive for the start of the session.

Felsted Speed Watch

The Felsted Speedwatch Group is now active and has carried out weekly monitoring sessions (since the end of April) at various locations around the village, including Station Road, Chelmsford Road and Watch House Green.

Most drivers adhere to the speed limits, but an average of 4-7 drivers per session have been reported to Essex Police for driving too fast. Each will receive a letter from the Police advising them to slow down in future.

The purpose of Speedwatch is to deter drivers from exceeding the existing speed limits, which have been put on roads in the village for safety reasons.

Please help us to make the roads safer by driving within the speed limits at all times. Public support for the Group is considerable and 3 more residents have recently come forward to join the Group. However, more volunteers are always welcome as this will mean that we can undertake more sessions in more locations.

There are a total of 6 sites around the village which have been approved by the Police for traffic speed monitoring so you should expect to see us somewhere near you ….very soon.